Mormons: Third Most Hated Group in America? Part 3 – Social Issues

The speed at which the entire world has changed their stance on hot topic social issues is alarming to me at the least (as an aside see this post from another blog). For example, President Obama entered office opposing gay marriage. Now, you can’t call yourself a true progressive without fighting for gay marriage, gay rights, trans-gendered rights, and pretty much every other perceived social oppression experienced to any degree by any minority. To do otherwise would cause one to necessarily be a bigot, sexist, xenophobe, misogynist and hater. 6-7 years has passed since the aforementioned book was published, and A LOT has changed since then. Are Mormons even more disliked because of these issues? In short, probably.

Jettisoning Rationality 

In our world where emotion governs, logic & rationality is the red-headed step-child that is forced into the basement due to extreme dislike. We simply don’t like this child. He (sure let’s go masculine) is just so annoying because he always seems to pipe-up and show flaws in our emotional thinking. No one likes someone that points out the flaws. Experiencing this is simply just uncomfortable not to mention unpopular. Why would we let this red-headed step-child stay around if he causes us discomfort? We don’t. We angrily call him a bigot, a xenophobe, a racist, a religious zealot. Get the heck out step-child!

Homosexuality and Trans-genderism

Homosexuality and Trans-genderism is probably the most hot-button social topic in the world today. Never before has the majority of people had to bow to the will of such an extreme minority (at the time of this writing 3.8% of the US population is considered homosexual and 0.3% trans-gendered). From what I can tell, most fundamentalist leaning LDS (not polygamous) blogs tend to avoid this issue, while these issues are all progressive leaning LDS blogs seem to talk about. Just a handful of social issues drive the progressive LDS narrative.

Most conservative leaning LDS seem to avoid this topic to avoid the extreme intolerance the progressive side rabidly preaches. Thus like most of the rest of the conservative Christian world, these are labeled as bigots and xenophobes.

The LDS Church

Despite trying accommodate the gay and trans-gendered community as much as possible, the LDS Church still holds a position that acting on gay tendencies is a sin. Over the years, the Church (due to worldly pressure) has whittled their opposing homosexual stance down to opposing only acting on the desire. The Church used to preach things like opposing even the tendency, but due to this stance being unpopular, it has been changed to merely action on the desire. Many inside and outside of the Church are and have been very critical of even this whittled down stance. The policy is often attacked as being outdated, bigoted, and hateful, but is it?

Science vs Emotion

Scientifically, a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl, that’s it. As of this writing, no gene has been found to activate homosexuality or trans-genderism in a person. Therefore, is it not rational and logical to at least consider the possibility that these tendencies aren’t biological? Heavens no because you’d be a bigot!!!

Bigotry and Xenophobia

Unfortunately, even suggesting scientific evidence, or lack thereof is met with a barrage of irrational emotion. A cry of bigotry and xenophobia can be heard loud and clear whenever a logical or rational discussion is pursued. Why is this?

What’s Good for Society

The question of whether these extreme social changes are good for society is altogether ignored. Why is accepting homosexuality and trans-genderism considered a good and healthy thing? Who decided this? How did we come to this conclusion? Are we really too scared to hurt the feelings of an extreme minority in support of the greater good? Are there more nefarious ambitions at work here?

Furthermore, even if there were a “gay gene” found, that still doesn’t mean that the practices should be acceptable and deemed to be “good” for society. There are many people with genetic tendencies that wouldn’t be considered “good” for society, e.g. drug usage, sexual practices and tendencies, anger issues, murderous tendencies, etc.

Muslim Religion – Progressive Paradox

Ironically, the Muslim religion is heavily protected by social progressives despite their incredibly harsh treatment of homosexuals (death) and women (heavily oppressed). While progressives are heavily bashing Christian religions for perceived bigotry and xenophobia, they are astonishingly silent on the Mulsim religion. Why are Christian religions like the LDS Church attacked because their opposition to homosexuality, while Muslim religions get a pass? Why the hypocrisy?

How Far Does It Go?

“How far does it go?” is often a question outright dismissed by social justice warriors because they think it’s silly. However, once the door is opened to strange (from a historical perspective) practices, where is the line drawn on further acceptance. For example, what is preventing us from accepting the following based on similar arguments.

  1. Polygamy between consenting adults. Why shouldn’t they all be allowed to do this. They were born with this tendency and it should be encouraged right?
  2. Pedophilia (see here and here). Sure it’s outrageous, but so was gay marriage at some point. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of this, although for my kids’ and my grandchildren’s sake I certainly hope so.
  3. If people can identify as a woman while biologically being a man, why can’t a white person identify as a black person, or visa versa. Why can’t a person identify as an animal? Why can’t a person identify as something entirely fictitious like a martian, or invent a species?

You tell me where it ends.


Gain access to the source of truth and take counsel, implement counsel, and don’t apologize for it.

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